In Sanskrit there is a saying: 

Yathi Hastato Dhrishtihi,

Yatho Dhrishtisto Manaha,

Yatho Manatato Bhavaha,

Yatho Bhavastato Rasaha.


Where the Hands go, The Eyes should follow

Where the Eyes go, the Mind should follow

Wjhere the Mind goes, the Emotions are generated

Where the Emotions are generated, Sentiment arises.


The Body should catch up to the Tune,
The hands must explain the meaning,
The eyes must speak the emotion,
And the feeet must beat the time-measure.”

Indian Classical Dancing has always been one of my passions. Being a Broadcaster & a Story Teller I feel the expressions conveyed by the body & hand along with the eye movements are all telling a Story. Just like a sign language! It is very therapeutic for me and of course improves body balance and mind limb coordination. Learning the Sanskrit language and its meaning has made my memorization skills sharp.