​Meenas Journey Includes:

  • Story Telling

  • Film

  • Oil Painting

  • Radio / TV Anchor Women​

Namastae! Welcome to my website. Please join me and be a part of my Art, Yoga, Music and thoughts.

Meena’s journey in broadcasting began during the early 80’s, when she launched an illustrious career in both radio and television, which has spanned thirty years. Meena became the first News Reader in Pakistan on PTV to travel to London and achieve the B.B.C Broadcasting Certificate. She anchored the 6pm National News on Television and the 5 am on Radio.

In 1991 , Meena moved to the United States and has since then actively served as a ambassador of good will by promoting Asian Story Telling at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York City. In the years to come she hosted her very own Radio show on Poets of the old World. Her shows, which include Art exhibitions as well as dramatic interpretations of Poetry, have received exceptional reviews from Art connoisseurs across the United States and overseas.

Meena’s passion for the arts extends to her personal life.  She’s recognized by close friends as self-taught artist in Oils and is a dedicated Yogi. She is embarking on a new journey in getting her 200 & 300 hours Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Certification. In addition she is learning the Art of BharathNatyam dance. Despite her many accomplishments, Meena insists that her greatest work of art was raising her three sons and now her grandson who is her world. 

Meena's Roots


Prayer is absolutely individual. It has to be spontaneous. It does not have to be learned. Learned prayer is false prayer. You repeat it like a parrot. It becomes meaningless, and senseless. But when prayer rises in your heart, it has something of you in it, and therefore, tremendous significance. It is not a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It has tremendous meaning, and music.

One has to learn to communicate with existence. Talk to the stars, talk to the rivers, talk to the trees, talk to the rocks and don't feel embarrassed. This is how God has manifested himself. Everything is the manifestation of God. Start communicating with the visible and then you can take a quantum leap into the invisible.

Osho From Pune

Meena Dasgupta is a Bengali from Kolkatta, India with a Kashmiri Mother. She studied briefly in Shantinaketan Rabindranath Tagore’s School. She is currently the anchor women of “The Dead Poets Forum” an internet Fairfax Radio which is broadcast on Monday’s at 2pm Eastern Standard Time U.S.A. Her critically acclaimed program showcases the Classical Poetry of Rahman Baba, Omar Khayam, Rumi, Ghalib, Tagore and more.